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CDs for sale on amazon

What’s in the box?

See it yourself.

So what's this about, then?

As some of you may remember, in June I published a book of short stories in Spanish entitled “La puerta en el espejo” ("The door in the mirror"), through a free Amazon service. Satisfied by the experience, I wondered if Amazon would offer a similar service to publish music CDs in physical format, and indeed, they do. CreateSpace allows you to publish and sell music in physical format through Amazon without having to order a certain number of copies in advance. Since I am an old-fashioned person who still likes holding a physical disc in his hands, I like the idea that my albums, which have years available for free on the Internet, can also be bought for anybody who, like me, enjoys a good old proper disk.

But Jaime, why would I want to buy an album if its music can be downloaded legally and for free from several websites?

Well, that's a good question. And the answer is that physical editions have an added value that digital ones do not have.

1) The most important thing is that the albums (Almost all, not 100%) have been remastered and / or remixed, in some cases very notably. In this first batch I’ve made new mixes of "Siderea" and "The astronaut" and I think the sound has improved a lot, being now clearer and more spacious. In some cases, as in "The Astronaut", I even had to change some old tracks by new ones.

2) The graphic design has been improved and expanded. Previously I just needed an image without too much resolution because the cover was nothing more than a small thumbnail to accompany the digital album, and I didn’t even for the permission to use the image, since it wasn’t going to be used for any commercial purpose. Now I’ve been searching for images with a proper license and high good resolution, changing the covers for new ones, adding, obviously, more images for the back and the interior of the booklet and the tray, achieving an attractive design.

3) All the albums will have additional notes in Spanish and / or English with memories, anecdotes or information about the recording and music of each of the albums.

4) Some of the CDs will include extra tracks, alternative versions or outtakes, which in some cases have never been heard. These goodies will only be available in the physical format.

I hope all of the above can justify the purchase of a CD for those who really want it.

An observation, though. The CDs have a complete professional presentation, but they are not exactly audio CDs but audio CD-Rs. For practical purposes it may be the same, but it can be important for someone, so there you go.

You can take a look at the CDs here.

How much will each CD cost?

The price of each CD is $10, about €8. I wish they were a bit cheaper, but the minimum sale price is $9, and for that price I would not make any profit for each sale. When sold at $10, my benefit per unit is ... 55 cents! In short, I do this because I love it, not because I hope to get rich.

Is there no other way to get those new mixes if not in physical format?

Yes, there is. All albums are also available in bandcamp, in digital format, at a lower price than physical CDs, although of course these editions lack the design of the physical CD, the notes and the extra tracks (when they exist).

Does this mean that your music will no longer be available for free as it has been until now?

Of course it will. All the old versions of the albums are and will be available for free under CC license on jamendo and as before.

Are you going to announce new music?

No, not yet. But I must say I’m recording some new music, though it’s not ready to be released yet. It could happen this year, or maybe not.

And that's it. In this first batch I prepared four albums: "Siderea", "The Astronaut", "Heaven" and "Factory of Echo". For the last two I kept the previous mixes because they are recent and I think they're good enough. None of these four CDs contain bonus tracks. Throughout this year I expect new remasters to be released, since my idea is to do so with my complete discography.

You can buy the CDs in Amazon.

Buy Jaime Heras CDs
Buy Factory of Echo CDs

Regards, and thank you very much.

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