viernes, 10 de abril de 2015

Why "Heaven" will be my final album

Dear friends:

The recording of my next album, Heaven, which will complete the trilogy - Hell - Heaven I started in 2012, is well advanced, and I expect to release it before I turn 40 (early summer). 

I must announce you this one will be the last album I release as Jaime Heras, if not permanently, at least indefinitely. This is not a break to return with renewed energy, but  the closure to a stage that started a long time ago.

The truth is my enjoyment of musical composition has decreased lately. In that respect, I feel I have expresed alll I had to (and could) with my skills and the scarce talent I own. Every time I find it harder to complete an album and I've started to notice that either I repeat myself when I write in a style in which I feel most comfortable, or I'm not achieving what I want when I try a new style (Progressive, for example).

I'm not leaving music, but there are other projects I find more appealing right now. I want to focus on the band I play now, Ished, and I'll continue using the name Factory Of Echo to release more experimental or less melodic music, which is the one I feel more happy about lately. I'd also like to practice guitar in a somewhat more disciplined way, to try to improve my technique. But I don't see myself releasing new albums of melodic instrumental music as Jaime Heras in the future.

Furthermore, although it is not the most important reason, it's more and more obvious to me that my music, especially the new one, is listened to by fewer and fewer people, and releasing an album is like throwing a bottle into the ocean. My music is not easily  found on Jamendo, I'm not profitable enough for them to promote me and  I don't feel like bothering my contacts or strangers with links to albums and videos begging them to listen to my music or to write reviews.

So, Heaven it's the end of that stage. I think it will be a nice album, a perfect  conclusion, with many elements of my previous albums. So stay tuned because you will begin to hear some excerpts soon.

Warm regards.

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