viernes, 19 de septiembre de 2014

Welcome to the "Factory Of Echo"


in recent times I've realized making albums as "Jaime Heras" sometimes makes me a bit restrictive about what I should or shouldn't do. I know there are a few people there who listen to each new album I release with curiosity, but always, I guess, with certain expectations of what they can find, regardless of the style of that particular album (And you know how much I like shifting styles from one to the next). I always try to emphasize the melody over anything else, and I always try to make the whole, at least, pleasant. This was totally clear for me while struggling with "Hell", which I couldn't make as hellish as I wanted at first, after all. There are some self-imposed limitations I'm prisioner of.

So I have decided to create this alter-ego, this parallel artist named "Factory Of Echo", who is Jaime Heras, without the Jaime Heras limitations, I hope. I'll be using this name to release "extreme ambient" (If you get the idea), experimental and drone  music, where melody is not meant to be the cornerstone. In a word, anything.

If you whish to get a glimpse, you can now proceed to listen and/or download for free the first album of "Factory of Echo", right here. Beware, this is certainly not meant to be listened while driving.

I won't ask you to follow me in this adventure, but I'd be more than glad if you do.

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