viernes, 1 de abril de 2011

Nueva Colaboración con Yvalain / New Collaboration With Yvalain

Mi amigo Yvalain ha publicado un nuevo álbum, tras dos años de trabajo. Se titula "Soul Colors", y he tenido la suerte de colaborar en tres de los temas: Los instrumentales "Some Relief" y "Little Hero's Dream" y la canción "Yesterday I thought I Had Solutions". En los dos primeros temas he contribuido un poco a la composición, añadiendo alguna frase para completarlos, mientras que en el tercero he añadido un pad y un piano eléctrico.

El álbum completo está lleno de buenas canciones y estoy muy contento y agradecido de formar parte de él.

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My friend Yvalain has released a new album, after two years of work. It's titled "Soul Colors", and I've been lucky enough to play on three tracks: : The instrumentals "Some Relief" and "Little Hero's Dream" and the song "Yesterday I thought I Had Solutions". I have contributed a little bit on the composition of the first two, adding some phrases to complete them, while I have added a pad and an electric piano on the third.

The whole album is full of great songs and I feel happy and grateful for being part of it.


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ticailloux dijo...

Thank you for the compliments dear Jaime ! I want to add that all the pleasure was for me. With you I found a comprehensive and talented artist (in both composition and interpretattion acceptations). The song "Little hero's dream" was made out of the theme you create for another song and would have not existed without you. I'm very grateful that you came to my project.

ticailloux dijo...

Additionnaly I added a link to your blog on my Artist Facebook page :

Jaime Heras dijo...

Thanks for your words. I feel very comfortable making music with you.

Here I am for any new musical venture the future may be keeping in store for us.

yvalain dijo...

I appreciate that the door is still open for the future. That probably means that the things went not that wrong the last time! Knowing the HQ music you use to do (for your solo works or with Ear3) I'm very honoured of your kind wish to have a follow-up of our collaboration
Above everything I appreciate your humour and I try hard to follow you on this path.